About us

Rich & Marie Fowler

Founders, Rich and Marie Fowler started a party service beverage company in 1979 and maintained their focus on the direction of their business ever since. Their ultimate goal was to embark in the food industry specializing in private functions and acquire their own venues for events. In 2017, Temecula Weddings & Events was unveiled with a full service commercial kitchen for their catering business and a venue that could accommodate functions up to 75 guests, known as the Bordeaux Room.

Our company has been family owned and operated, while building a reputation in the hospitality industry.  We have gained the trust of returning clients, vendors and event locations in the Temecula Valley and surrounding cities since 1992.  



In Honor & Loving Memory

On January 24, 2019, Marie passed away at the age of 64 due to stroke complications.  This was a shock to our family, as well as friends and colleagues.  

Marie was known and loved by many. With her dedication, integrity and attention to detail, Marie built the trust and respect of many clients, as well as professionals in the industry.   Her hard work ethic was something that most individuals strive to achieve in their lifetime.  

Hard work was something Marie was not afraid of.  No matter what she was trying to accomplish, she did her best and 99.9% of the time, no one had any idea the amount of effort she put in to achieve a goal or business opportunity. 

Marie was very committed to her family and wanted the business to remain with future generations.  Her legacy with the company will continue through her husband Rich and daughter Michelle.  Marie's granddaughter Ryleigh will be another generation contributing to the family business.  

Marie was a loving wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend.  Her legacy will live on in the hearts she touched.

michelle fowler howard - President & CEO

In February 2019, Michelle left her 20+ year career in the Homeowners Association (HOA) industry and joined her father, Rich, with the family business. Michelle’s career experience includes administrative, financial, facilities and risk management, executive leadership and operations. She is fluent in the family business and has taken over Marie’s role in the company as President/CEO.

Michelle credits her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother for her love of cooking.  Growing up in a large Sicilian family with traditional three course "Sunday Dinners" every week, the knowledge in preparing authentic dishes has been passed on to her as a sixth generation.  Remembering the simplicity inspired by Great Grandma La Rosa, Michelle continues to cook family recipes with wholesome ingredients that keep her connected to her heritage.  

In March 2005, Michelle married her husband Daren at Falkner Winery in Temecula, California.  Together, they have a 12 year old daughter and reside in Murrieta.  Michelle enjoys yoga, indoor rowing, meditation, watching 80's movies, traveling and going to Disneyland with her daughter for their much needed girl time.

rich fowler - vice president & Treasurer

Chef's Rich and Michelle prepare all of the food in an "A" rated commercial kitchen located at The Bordeaux Room in Temecula, California.  Their combined passion for a quality product assures clients that every item purchased is hand selected to guarantee an amazing dining experience.

Prior to the start of his venture with wife, Marie, he was introduced to the alcohol industry in 1957 and worked with his father Bill Fowler who was a sales rep for a beer distributor.  Bill invented a tap master for draft beer and Rich proceeded to create a portable beer unit that had zero waste when poured.

Rich enjoys golf and has always had a passion to join the PGA Tour.  He also enjoys going to the movies, traveling and relaxing after a stretch of events.

ryleigh howard - aspiring chef & future of our company

Following the footsteps of her mother, Michelle, and grandmother, Marie, Ryleigh is learning all areas of the business from administrative, networking and logistics, to purchasing, preparation and coordinating.  Graduating in 2025, Ryleigh will move forward with obtaining her culinary degree from an accredited culinary academy.

When she is not at school or helping her mom and Grandpa Rich at the Bordeaux Room, she enjoys singing with her school choir and learning more about music/technique with her vocal coach, Rhonda Parish.  She also enjoys swimming, sewing, movies, music and frequent "girls day" with Michelle at Disneyland.  Disneyland has always been their special place.